Friday, June 17, 2011

Exercise Log 3

Not great, not terrible this week.  3 days in the water...
Wednesday: 40 laps, 29 minutes, broke to take my inhaler and forgot to time it :/
Thursday: 40 laps, 25 minutes
Friday: ONE MILE!  I'm very excited.  Took me 49 minutes, which is probably a long time, but I'm so excited I did it!

I finally feel like I'm making progress - now to keep with it, even when I'm exhausted!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exercise Log 2

Since it's been a while, I'll give you a by-the-date update.
May 25: 30 laps in 22 minutes
May 26: 30 laps in 21 minutes
Then we had Memorial Day weekend.....
May 31: 20 laps, was so sore from tubing on the lake I couldn't handle anymore.  Ended up being the only time I could make it to the pool that week :/
June 6: 40 laps
June 7: 40 laps in 26 minutes
June 8: 40 laps... 28 minutes?
June 9: 40 laps today 27 or 28 minutes
June 10:  40 laps in 26 minutes

I'm really excited how this week turned out!  I'm not sure how good my times are or are not, but I'm glad I'm being consistent.