Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Siding is Finished!

 I have a resemblance of my voice back - I can talk, I can sing, but it gets worn out quickly.

Over the weekend, we got my siding finished!  Two of the ends have painted trim as well - Dad is planning to work on the front and back tonight.  I'm so excited - it looks like a brand new house!
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Jager has been OH so helpful during this process, as you can imagine.  While on fall break last week, I also worked on a project for the kitchen.  I don't have finished pictures, but here it is halfway!
Photobucket Photobucket
I'm hoping this becomes my "dropping" spot so that my kitchen table will stay clear.  I'm terrible about dropping mail and whatever else is in my hands on the table.  Hopefully once this is finished, it will work out better!  It also has some extra storage - I'm planning on putting my small appliances that I use all the time (toaster, quesadilla maker) in the bottom so they are easier to get to.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I now have a wedding dress.  This is the only picture of the dress that I'm making public - only because I know that someday I will be wearing it, and I don't want my future husband to have seen it.  She's gorgeous though.  Really and truly, a gorgeous dream.  Now to find Prince Charming.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Habits

It seems that every fall, the same series of events happens.  I get sick, I lose my voice.  I try to suffer through teaching and singing, which accidentally makes it worse.  I end up with bronchitis and go to sleep for a few days.  I eat like crazy, and then I get meds and stop eating.  A vicious cycle, but it's the way things go.

Sadly, the lack of voice has arrived.  When I got up Friday, there was nothing there.  I haven't sang at all since at least Thursday.  It makes it really hard to be a music teacher.  I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow, I'm hoping that they have an answer for me.  There's nothing worse than going and getting nothing.

Other fall habits: my brother's fall break.  He's home from Purdue, so I actually got to see him yesterday.  We went to Dave and Buster's with mom.  i came home with an ice cream maker.
Hamilton Beach Half Pint Ice Cream Maker - Blue I'm super excited.  I had tickets left over from last time, but I'm very excited!  I need to wash and freeze the bowls so I can try it out soon!

Another fall habit: my birthday!  October 16 is always one of my favorite days of the year.  Joey gave me my present early since he won't be here - all 6 Harry Potter movies on DVD!  I'm very excited, as I really enjoy these movies but didn't have them.  I'll be spending Saturday at Josh's sister's wedding.  It is a popular day to get married - his aunt and uncle did it 6 years ago, and his cousin Peg was married 5 years ago on Oct 15!  It's a great anniversary weekend, both of marriages and births!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

West Wing

The West Wing: The Complete Series Collection
I know that I mentioned that I started watching West Wing again.  It hits me pretty hard every time when Mrs. Landingham has her accident.  Even though I know it's a fictional story, it sums up our lives so well - the president is getting ready to make the biggest announcement in his political career, and has to deal with the loss of his long time friend and colleague.   It seems that we are always dealing with too much, and when we think we can't take anything more, more gets dumped on us.
Charlie "Is there anything else you need sir?"
President Bartlett "I need pallbearers."

The season finale of the second season is incredible.  President Bartlett's final conversation with Mrs. Landingham - wow.  And the rain scenes... I wish we had a president that strong.  I'm not political and I'm not asking for a political debate, but if someone like Jed Bartlett ever ran, I hope I would see it, becase I would want to work on the campaign.

I really enjoy this series.  Having the time to sit on the couch and watch it is even better.  Every now and again it happens that I can swing this - I took the day off tomorrow so I can have my furnace inspected.  It's nice and relaxing to know I can sleep late and laze around tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the 4th Thursday of a headache/migraine if this continues.  I'm pretty tired of it - none of the usual tricks have worked.  I'm hoping a day off and extra sleep will help!  If not, I have an appointment for my annual physical in a few weeks and I'll talk to her to see if there's something we can do.  I'm still praying it will break soon and quick!

I had a play date at the park today with Josh's sister-in-law and his nephew.  It's amazing the changes you see in a month in an almost two year old!  He is adorable and so much fun to be around.  Jane is awesome too - it's nice to have an adult conversation at the end of the day.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


That's right, the new siding has arrived.  Some of it has been put up, and I am beyond excited.  It makes such a huge difference in the look of my house!  The color is better, the texture is better, and I am just thrilled at the results starting to come about.  I have to wait for a while - my dad has training for work and is out of town, but when he comes back, he is planning to be back at work.  I'm so excited for it!