Friday, December 9, 2011

That White Stuff

Yup.  It's December.  I have very mixed feelings about snow this year.  On the one hand, I LOVE fresh snow.  On the other hand... it means I have to work at the slopes (not ready for the running around like crazy part) but I also have to drive in it.  I don't mind driving in it.... except for all of the crazy drivers who see a flake and forget what they are doing!

I can't WAIT to have enough snow to go outside and play in the snow - but I don't want any snow days before Christmas break!  If we miss a day between now and next Friday, we have to come back the following week... and I want a super long Christmas break!

There's some flakes falling outside as I type this.... I'm hoping it doesn't stick to the roads, as my choir is supposed to perform at a Live Nativity tonight.  But fresh falling snow while we sing would look pretty sweet!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Exercise Log 9

I've decided there's no point in listing out every workout that I've done since my last exercise update.  I think it's sufficient to say that most weeks I've gone at least 4 days, some I've gone 5.  Lately it hasn't been AS great - Thanksgiving had an impact on that, and I'm having some back troubles.  With the way my back hurts, swimming even hurts, and the elliptical is impossible.  I've kept up with the weight machines, and spent the rest of my time just quick walking on the track - my pedometer picks the steps up as aerobic steps, so I figure I'm doing pretty good.

I still haven't seen any movement on the scale - it pretended to drop 2 pounds after 2 days of a liquid diet (tooth problem, not a new diet technique!), but went right back to normal when I tried to eat solid foods again.  I've decided to quit stressing - I would like to see my clothes fitting differently at last, but I have had multiple people tell me I look more toned.  I'm hoping after the beginning of the year (when things go back to something resembling normal) that I will start seeing some changes.  I would really like to be able to RUN a 5K the beginning of April - I need to start training for it though.  I'm waiting for the results of an MRI on my back, hopefully I can get some answers and get it feeling better so that the idea of running doesn't sound like torture!

Sorry if this all sounds whiny - it's all quite frustrating.  I've been at this since May, I'm making the goal that by this coming May I will see the difference others are telling me they do!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tailgating! IU vs. PU

Over Thanksgiving (which was busy!) we went to Bloomington, IN to tailgate for the Indiana University vs. Purdue University game.  Being two Indiana universities, it is a big rivalry.  Even though I'm not strongly partial to either team, it was so much fun!  Our friend Brie insisted I needed team apparel, so I rooted for the gold and black.

The whole gang went to a local establishment to watch the game, and we had so much fun with the friendly rivalries!
That night we hit the college scene.  Some of the bars in Bloomington are legendary for different reasons.  I was just glad we could sit and not stand all night!  This is Dan with me and Josh - his wife couldn't make it, but we sure did have fun!
It was a great break and short getaway - I can't wait for the next group outing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another month gone, another friend married!

This is becoming a bad habit, isn't it?  For the lack of posts, I apologize.  My friend Staci politely nudged me the other day, so here I am!

November was the month of Erin's wedding.  It was so much fun, and what a beautiful bride!  Josh and I drove up that Thursday, so we had Brad and Erin to ourselves that night.  It was a great opportunity to relax with them before everything got started. 

Friday Josh was kind enough to tag along with us girls.  First pedicures for both of us, I could get hooked on THAT habit very quickly!  We met up with Erin's parents for lunch and to drop our dresses in their hotel room.  Then it was time for the rehearsal.  Josh was a dear and got almost the entire reception set up while we practiced - he's amazing!  Somehow, I was so focused on getting everything ready, I never took pictures of the room.  Trust me when I say it looked great!  Dinner was at an awesome restaurant called Flanagan's in Fort Wayne.  Dinner was both relaxing and delicious, although it was impossible to finish a dish.  I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Saturday was the big day!  There were little snafus all day long, but nothing tragic.  Josh was again a life saver, playing chauffeur to get us where we needed to be on time.  We couldn't have made everything go as smoothly without him, plus he put up with me!  Maid of Honor sure is a big job, but I was glad to make sure Erin's day went perfectly.  There's even some great pictures from the day!
Hopefully I will have a tailgating post soon - IU vs. PU and so much fun!