Monday, December 5, 2011

Exercise Log 9

I've decided there's no point in listing out every workout that I've done since my last exercise update.  I think it's sufficient to say that most weeks I've gone at least 4 days, some I've gone 5.  Lately it hasn't been AS great - Thanksgiving had an impact on that, and I'm having some back troubles.  With the way my back hurts, swimming even hurts, and the elliptical is impossible.  I've kept up with the weight machines, and spent the rest of my time just quick walking on the track - my pedometer picks the steps up as aerobic steps, so I figure I'm doing pretty good.

I still haven't seen any movement on the scale - it pretended to drop 2 pounds after 2 days of a liquid diet (tooth problem, not a new diet technique!), but went right back to normal when I tried to eat solid foods again.  I've decided to quit stressing - I would like to see my clothes fitting differently at last, but I have had multiple people tell me I look more toned.  I'm hoping after the beginning of the year (when things go back to something resembling normal) that I will start seeing some changes.  I would really like to be able to RUN a 5K the beginning of April - I need to start training for it though.  I'm waiting for the results of an MRI on my back, hopefully I can get some answers and get it feeling better so that the idea of running doesn't sound like torture!

Sorry if this all sounds whiny - it's all quite frustrating.  I've been at this since May, I'm making the goal that by this coming May I will see the difference others are telling me they do!

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