Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sponsored Post: Puppies vs. Babies

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Puppies vs. Babies

Sooo... someone finally did it.  They have a contest for which is cuter - puppies or babies?  No really, go look - Puppies vs. Babies online contest.  See what I mean?  You have until November 23 to vote.  So, that means TODAY.

Personally, this is a hard decision.  Some babies are absolutely adorable, and melt everyone's hearts.  But puppies.... puppies are cute.  And grow into dogs, which are cute too.  I mean, Jager is still my puppy, and he's still cute.  Even when he's in trouble, those big eyes can melt my heart.  When a baby is crying.... not so cute.  Really - a screaming child?  There is nothing cute about that at all.

Who would you vote for?  Could you choose between babies and puppies?  I am interested to see these comments - how do you decide?  If I had heard about this contest, this picture would have been entered immediately:

I mean really, how adorable is that?  A baby would be all hidden in a car seat, unable to decide it was naptime.  Jager just curled up on his way to see Santa.

I was undecided when I first saw this contest, but if I had to choose a group, it would be puppies.  No matter how naughty they are, puppy dog eyes win out every time!

Don't forget to tell me in the comments who you are going to vote for!  I want to see who you all think is cuter :)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hi there.  Yup, it's me, the missing blogger.  I've been busy living life and trying to keep up with all of my "real" responsibilities.  I wish I had a way to talk and compose blog entries in the car - you would probably get one every day!

So, let's sum up October.  I got sick with bronchitis, but got a Rx and got better pretty quick.  I saw two good friends get married in the same day.  Kristina, aka Kik, from Misters and Misses was an absolutely gorgeous bride!  I was lucky enough to be able to attend her ceremony with friends from work, and then meet Josh to go to Abby and Bryan's reception.  No pictures from Kik's ceremony - I wasn't in a good spot to pull out my camera.  Some pictures from Abby's reception though, which was held at the beautiful Chateau Pomije, where we were definitely at the best table.  Great company, great wine - it was a great way to celebrate Abby and Bryan's marriage!
Me and Josh (and you can see some of their beautiful decorations!

Me, Brie, and Andrea

Andrea and Abby, the bride :)

Her beautiful toss bouquet, which came home with me! ;)

The day after the weddings was my birthday.  I got new hubcaps for the Mustang!  I have to wait for the spring to put them on because she's in storage for the winter, but they will definitely help with sprucing her up.

The following weekend was Erin's shower and bachelorette party.  Everything went off without a hitch, for which I am so grateful.  It is definitely more difficult to plan things from 3 hours away, especially when you don't know the area.

Her wedding is next weekend, so I am super excited!  The next two weeks are incredibly busy for me - speech team competition, some work time at the Slopes, her wedding, watching some of my students perform, and my own 5th grade performance.  Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!