Sunday, November 30, 2008

A toast anyone?

So, while finding the perfect champagne wasn't at the top of our list of things to do, I kept reading about Banfi's Rosa Regale and had to find out. Was it really as yummy as everyone said? David being the sweetheart he is, found a bottle, bought it, and chilled it for an evening of "wedding research." The verdict? Extremely yummy, I think this is my new favorite toasting drink. Now I'm just trying to decide if a red champagne is really smart with a white dress...

Friday, November 28, 2008


We officially have luggage!

While we were out for black Friday, I did a little pre-wedding shopping. How else are we going to get all of our cute honeymoon clothes to Disney World?

5 piece luggage set, originally priced at $200. Mine for just $50! I was quite excited. It currently sits in the wedding closet, still in its sealed box. I think we need to check it, but there was too much else to do today!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not free, but really cute

So you need to head over to and check out her amazing necklaces! I keep coming up with all kinds of fabrics that I need to be watching out for.... and then reminding myself that I have to be cautious about how much I buy.... there are still a wedding and a house to pay for!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Party look

THIS is the look we are going for. At least, as of last week. Granted, it's not the exact apparel that everyone will have, but it's the general color scheme.


One of the big things to decide on was photography. I know that our photographer was high on my list. There are quite a few websites bookmarked of photographers whose style I love. The problem was, most of them were no where NEAR our budget.

Then we (well, I) found Sarah. I actually found her the old fashioned way - by going to a local bridal show. I saw her work, was able to talk with her, and went on my way. But she kept popping back into my head. So David and I went and met with her over the summer so I could show him her work. He liked it too, but we didn't really make a decision. Then I realized the end of the year was coming.... and we decided we really do like her, we enjoyed her company, it is time to make a decision. So a contract is on its way to me!

You can check out her website at Photos by Sarah. There aren't a lot of pictures, but what she does have is a wonderful representation of her differing styles. I'm so excited!

I'll keep looking at other sites for inspiration. In fact, I might have to post some of the photos I've seen and just adore.