Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When we started planning the wedding, I was convinced all that I wanted was roses. Red for me and David, and white for the bridal party. A few weeks ago, I had a revelation - I want something in addition to the roses. And I found that I really liked the look of Calla Lilly bouquets next to Rose bouquets.

I still want red roses with stephanotis for my bouquet. I like the look of this one...

but want a red more like this one.

I want the girls to carry white calla lillies....

but I want their bouquets to look more like this.

Nothing like making it complicated to show the inspirations, right? I'm going shopping tomorrow for silks with Beverly, I am so excited! I'll let you know what we find!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Of all things for me to fixate on, I've decided that we HAVE to have an arch for our entrance into the slopes. I have reason to believe that this is because one of my friend's used this method and it was gorgeous. As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of this arch from Michael's, thanks to a 40% off coupon. It does not include the flowers or tulle, but it is pre-lit. I am so excited to be able to walk through this as David's wife!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yummy Centerpieces

I bought some how-to books. There is one for fruit, one for cookies, and one for candy. Here are the candy ones that I like the best.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tap Lights

Thanks to an amazing principal, I just got 22 tap lights today! 18 are moon shaped, and 4 are star shaped (and therefore fall better into our theme). I'm thinking taplights on tables instead of candles, because they are about a million times safer around kids! We are going to paint the colored plastic part to match our color scheme.... my mom loves the idea, my dad doesn't quite get it, but I'm excited! I think I just found my spring break project!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Disney?

Erin over at The Prep-E Girl had a suggestion to get me writing again. Why a Disney wedding?

Honestly, it just kind of happened. I've always been a "Happily Ever After" kind of girl. I grew up wanting to be Cinderella, or any of the other Disney princesses. I've always loved Disney, and Disney World has been one of my favorite places to dream about going forever.

David's family is Disney obsessed. His basement is filled with Disney posters, and he's been to Disney more times than the years he has been alive. In fact, his fraternity brothers have nicknamed him Disney!

So, how does this all lead to a Disney themed wedding? I went to Disney with David's family. When he proposed, I knew that Disney would play a big role in our wedding. In fact, we bought our Cinderella and Prince Charming cake topper the same week.

In a perfect world, I could bundle everyone I love and take them to Disney World with us. David's mom said it's David's happy place - I think it can be everyone's happy place. Instead, I'm bringing a few pieces of the happiest place on earth to southeast Indiana. I'm looking forward to being a princess for a day, but I'm really looking forward to living happily ever after with my Prince Charming. And for the record, his first name is David :)