Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post It Note.... Wednesday?

Ok, so, I missed Post It Note Tuesday.  But I really wanted to share this, and it seemed perfect for the notes... so here it is, a day late :)

Only Parent Chronicles

My principal's daughter sent that to me on a day I needed it most.  Hope it impacts your day the way it impacted mine!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Angel

God has another angel as of last night.  My Uncle Jacque went to be with his heavenly Father.  He didn't suffer, for which I am thankful.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sometimes, the waiting hurts more.

A close family friend is in the hospital.  The outlook is not good.  Another close family friend (who actually has POA) called my parents to let them know.  In fact, it's so grim, she said they don't know if he will survive the move to hospice.

It's always sad when someone's life is over.  He's been so independent his whole life though, it hurts to know that he is so dependent on other people now.  I know that in a few days, he will be in a better place.  But waiting for him to be with God is hard.

I know there are lots of times when there isn't enough time to see someone, it's too far, or there's something else going on.  But sometimes, you have to remember that you won't always have everyone you love around you.  Take a chance to make the trip while you still can.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tax Time!

Even though some people dread doing their taxes, I look forward to it.  I use my return for things that are outside of my normal budget.  This year, I'm looking at a kitchen table and shutters for the front of my house.  The rest will probably be reserved for my trip to the Vera sale!

This is the kitchen table I'm currently hoping to see tomorrow:

It's from Value City Furniture, which is also where I got my couch and living room chair.  I'm excited to be looking - the table I have now is a nice second hand table, but the chairs are not very sturdy.  I want to have something that I can ask guests to sit in without worrying that they might hit the floor!

What do you do with your tax return?  Do you go shopping, or put it away in a savings account?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Time Flies... and sometimes, it doesn't at the same time.

Confusing, right?  I can't believe that I missed Tuesday this week... I had my thoughts all in a line for my different post it notes and everything!  Here we are at Thursday though, so I'll just update instead :)

Sunday was wedding shopping with my friend Erin.  Not only did she ask me to be in the wedding, she asked me to be her maid of honor!  I am beyond honored, not to mention thrilled and excited for her.  I've been trading emails with ideas back and forth with her for a while - SOMEONE should benefit for the three years of planning I did!  She found her dress on Sunday after a rocky start - David's Bridal in Indianapolis was fantastic!  Our first stop wasn't so great, so it was nice to walk into a place that really bent over backwards to accommodate us.

While I was in Indianapolis, I also got to see my big sis Kira.  It was nice to be able to talk to her face to face - I hadn't seen her since July.  It is truly too long.  I'm planning a night at her house and at least one at Erin's house over my spring break.

Monday and Tuesday after school were the musical auditions.  They broke my heart this year, because we had to make cuts.  This is my fourth year teaching (so also my fourth musical) and I've never had to make cuts before.  It kills me to do it, because I know there are kids who are hurting now, but I HAD to.  There were only 20 parts, and 40 kids tried out.  We managed to keep 30, but we cut 10.  *sigh* I'm dealing with the repercussions - some parents don't even understand.  I keep using the sports analogy - if 20 kids show up for basketball tryouts, they HAVE to cut 8.  We tried to figure out a way to do it, but it just wasn't possible.  It just hurts me that these kids are hurting, and that people are upset with me.  I know you can't please everyone, but this should NOT be a time when I have to deal with it!

With that said, I'm very excited about our cast.  We have a lot of strong cast members with a lot of life - it should be a great show!

How do you handle the tough decisions?  I have some people who are not happy with me (spreading false rumors in fact) because of the decisions that had to be made this week.  How do you handle those people?

Hope you all are getting the weather we are - sandals in February!  Love it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

But I want it!

You know those things?  The ones that you see, and you think to yourself "I want that."  You talk yourself out of it, because you don't NEED it, and needs come before wants.  But you continue to think about it, and your rationalization becomes "but I want it."

Well, I have one of those that has been bugging me for a while now.  If you haven't figured it out, I'm a diehard Vera fan.  But I'm also a Disney princess.  And so I have been wanting this for some time now:

I definitely know this is a WANT and not a NEED.  Especially since the pricetag is a little steep, even on sale.  But.  There's always a but, right?  My credit card rewards me in Disney Dollars.  You know, the kind that can be used at the Disney store?  And I am thisclose to having enough to pay for it.  So close, that I wanted to transfer the balance to my rewards card to be able to buy it today.  The difference would have cost me around $10 - very reasonable to me.  But because I don't have the minimum number to transfer, it won't let me.  I'm more than a little disappointed - this wristlet is on sale, and I don't know how long it will stay that way.  It might take me a couple more months, but I think I'll fulfill this WANT without taking away from any NEEDS.  Because really - is anything I would buy at the Disney store a NEED? :)
What's your WANT?  How do you justify it if you give in and buy it ahead of your needs?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Iced In

This isn't around my house, but it might as well be.  We had a TON of ice on Tuesday, and haven't been to school since Monday.  They've called a delay for tomorrow morning, we'll see if we actually get to go or not!
During all this, I've been thankful to keep  my electric.  My furnace is electric, as are my baseboard heaters.  If the power goes out, I'm going to be very cold!  I've already made plans that if that is the case, I will drive to my parents' house.  Even if they don't have power, they do have a fireplace.  Yet another reason it's on my list of necessities for my next house!

With all this time... I've done nothing productive.  It's been great!  I've sat around, played with Jager, worked on my taxes a little... and relaxed.  I could truly get used to having this much time in my house.  I know better though - although the forecast is for more snow!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vera Vera VERA!

Guess who's got tickets to go to the Vera Outlet Sale?!?  THIS GIRL!  I'm so excited, I can't wait for April now!  I will go on Thursday with Kristina, and then I might go back on Saturday with my Mom.  I've sent a list for the past 5 years, I am so excited to actually get to go in person!!  I admit, I have a small Vera addiction - I am ready to start working on my wish list :)