Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tax Time!

Even though some people dread doing their taxes, I look forward to it.  I use my return for things that are outside of my normal budget.  This year, I'm looking at a kitchen table and shutters for the front of my house.  The rest will probably be reserved for my trip to the Vera sale!

This is the kitchen table I'm currently hoping to see tomorrow:

It's from Value City Furniture, which is also where I got my couch and living room chair.  I'm excited to be looking - the table I have now is a nice second hand table, but the chairs are not very sturdy.  I want to have something that I can ask guests to sit in without worrying that they might hit the floor!

What do you do with your tax return?  Do you go shopping, or put it away in a savings account?

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Bicoastal Bride said...

I used to love getting a tax return, too, until I found out this year that I won't be getting one. In fact, we may actually OWE money. Sigh...