Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 Happy Things

Dana over at Sweeping Through Life tagged me.
The rules are as follows:
  • List 10 things that make you happy.
  • Tag 10 other bloggers and link back to the person who tagged you.
  1. My dog Jager. He's such a sweetie, and a great protector too.
  2. My house!!! It is so cute, I can't wait for possession so I can start decorating!
  3. Music. I'm an addict - music in all forms makes me so happy.
  4. A good book - I love getting lost with some great characters.
  5. Pianos - I love to sit down and just play with no reason.
  6. Movies with old friends - I've reconnected with some people, and I'm so happy to be going out to see good movies!
  7. My friends! I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I never realized how much I appreciated my girlfriends... because I consider myself closer to a lot more guys. It's good to know you are wrong!
  8. Facebook. I admit it - I have a REAL problem. Learned that when my computer doesn't work so well, I don't really function.
  9. Italian food. I really love pasta!
  10. Summer! It especially sounds good when I'm freezing :)
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House News!

I got my house! I had to wait two weeks for them to accept my new offer, but they did! I'm hoping for a quick closing date - no one lives there right now, so I will get the keys at closing. Yippee!

Had a productive shopping weekend last week.
Got things for the full bathroom:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I also found the set for the half bathroom that connects to the master.
Photobucket Photobucket
I also found rugs for the bathrooms: the brown and blue one goes in the master bathroom, the burgundy goes in the full.

For the kitchen:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I'm so excited to be working on stuff for my own space! My supervisors at the slopes got me my first housewarming gift: a garbage can with cleaning supplies! It was so thoughtful, I appreciate it so much.

Hopefully my posts will becoming more regular - the waiting game has been killing me!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I'm a wee bit behind on posting - my apologies! First up - I won a contest! (I know, I'm getting good at this) you read Much More Than Mommy right? No? You should. Well, she had a giveaway of two soaps and a solid perfume from Dee at Barefoot Bath and Body - and I WON! Yippee! These things are gorgeous, seriously.
Photobucket Photobucket
The best part? they smell as pretty as they look! I'm saving them for the new house - I can't wait! Now I just need to find a pretty soap dish to put them in...

I don't know about you all, but we have had a ton of snow here lately. My secondary or "fun" car is a 66 Mustang... I might be able to drive her by June.
But, the snow does have it's pretty moments. There is this really cool wave/ramp on our roof right now...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And finally... you all know I'm going through some changes right now. Well, this is one that I've been dying to do!
Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPersonally, I love it! It is exactly what I have wanted to do for so long - now, with no reason to keep it long, I chopped it! I'm definitely donating the length - I've done this twice before.

No news on the house front... I'm still waiting to hear if they will take my revised offer. Not being patient - but I'm trying!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New House

Still waiting to hear all of the results about what we might or might not be able to do about the septic situation, but thought I'd take you on a virtual tour anyway!
First, the outside:
Photobucket Photobucket

As you walk in the front door, the living room is to your left. On the "Daddy-do" list is to remove and seal the fan.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

continuing down the hardwood floor you come to the eat-in kitchen. There is a laundry nook (which also houses the water heater). The sliding door goes to the deck - half is covered, half is not. The house sits on a pretty level acre of land.
Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Now, as you head down the hall to the kitchen, there is a hallway to your right that leads to the bedrooms and bath. Here is the hall bathroom
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And the master bedroom, which has a connected half bath. The closet has no doors - I am thinking I want two bars to hang from, as well as maybe a curtain sort of door.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Next up, the front left bedroom. I am thinking this might be my future office/music room
Photobucket Photobucket

And the front right bedroom, which will probably be my hobby/craft room
Photobucket Photobucket

So, this is my cute house! I'm thinking that I will paint in mainly neutral colors - at least the front two bedrooms. I keep looking for inspiration pictures, and I keep falling in love with anything that has shelves. I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More changes :)

By now, you've all noticed the new banner. No? Go take a look.

I can't claim credit for that - it's all thanks to Wendiwinn. She offered, I accepted, she made me a banner that is SO me. So - thanks!!!

I had the inspection on the house that I want last night. Nothing major on the inside, but the septic failed. so now I will spend my snow day trying to figure out how much it will cost to fix so that I can start figuring out how to re-negotiate the contract. It's a huge bummer - I was hoping everything would pass and I could keep dreaming about furniture and decorating. A new septic system definitely is NOT as much fun to dream about, although definitely more necessary at the moment.

Seems like that's all that's new. As soon as I get pictures of the house uploaded I will share. They're still hanging out on my camera at the moment. I had to go shovel at the house yesterday so that the inspection team could get in. I pay for it today in my hands, lol. I don't mind the other aches that come with it, but it always bugs me when my hands hurt.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


But first, an honor. We won over on Carly's blog! Thanks to all of you who voted. I know some of my students were voting on every computer they could get their hands on - it worked! I got this awesome mousepad, which will be gracing my desk at school in the near future. I have to remember to take it to school next week so the kids can see it - they keep asking me about it.

And now. My life has been turned on it's side, flipped down a hill, and twisted around some more in the past two weeks. I haven't shared, because I wasn't ready to share with the world in such a public forum just yet. But, with the good comes the bad, so it is time to suck it up and share.

I am a newly single girl. There were a lot of things that contributed to this, but I don't believe in airing my dirty laundry for all of the public to see. I'll be making changes around the blog (obviously, it won't be about Christy and David anymore, just Christy) but I want to keep it. Although I'm not the best at posting on a super regular basis, I am hoping that changes in the very near future. I'll be changing pictures, layouts, etc as soon as I find pictures that I like! I will be leaving all of the planning posts with a single tag - planning - in case they could help anyone else. Hopefully that change will happen in the next few days.

But, with the bad, comes the good! I'm buying a house! I found this adorable house that is perfectly sized for me and my dog. It is 10-15 minutes closer to the school where I work. It's still on my mom's way home from school, so she can stop and let my dog out on her way home when I have to stay at school late. We have an inspection on Monday, so hopefully that will work well. I will be taking lots of pictures, so I will share then!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Survive Life in The Suburbs: The Vintage Pearl-Giveaway!

Ok. Awesome jewelry giveaway alert. It's for a gift certificate to Vintage Pearl, so if you win, you can buy me something nice and pretty :) I promise I won't complain! How? Go here!

How To Survive Life in The Suburbs: The Vintage Pearl-Giveaway!