Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More changes :)

By now, you've all noticed the new banner. No? Go take a look.

I can't claim credit for that - it's all thanks to Wendiwinn. She offered, I accepted, she made me a banner that is SO me. So - thanks!!!

I had the inspection on the house that I want last night. Nothing major on the inside, but the septic failed. so now I will spend my snow day trying to figure out how much it will cost to fix so that I can start figuring out how to re-negotiate the contract. It's a huge bummer - I was hoping everything would pass and I could keep dreaming about furniture and decorating. A new septic system definitely is NOT as much fun to dream about, although definitely more necessary at the moment.

Seems like that's all that's new. As soon as I get pictures of the house uploaded I will share. They're still hanging out on my camera at the moment. I had to go shovel at the house yesterday so that the inspection team could get in. I pay for it today in my hands, lol. I don't mind the other aches that come with it, but it always bugs me when my hands hurt.


Much More Than Mommy said...

LOVE the banner, she does great work! :-) Sorry to hear about the septic stuff, hope that gets worked out painlessly -- except for your hands which are already sore! :-)

w said...

can't wait to see pics! also. i have 2 septic tanks. and i want to cry when i think about them.

i mean. what the ground collapses just as i'm walking over one of them?

glad you like your banner!

w said...

ohhhhh. pretttttty!