Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exercise Log 4 - and an apology.

Well, I only ran Wednesday after I posted. 15 seconds better than last Monday, I was surviving week 3. However, then I stopped. I know, I know, I did WHAT?!? And I am admitting to it so openly? But here's the thing - I moved into my house. Thursday night was spent moving drawers and as much little stuff as my mom and I could handle. Friday was spent moving EVERYTHING. Even though my dad and one of the firemen physically moved the furniture, there was still a LOT to be done. I had help until 10:30 Friday night - no time for running, and I knew not to run in the morning because I needed my energy. Saturday and Sunday were busy too - Saturday with a huge grocery shopping expedition, Sunday with grass cutting and a Pampered Chef party at Mom's.

All this to say..... I'm sorry I've not been around. I've been wanting to get pictures taken and uploaded (I have family members bugging me like crazy!) but it just hasn't happened. My junior high students present their musical May 7, which means I have no life an way. I'm totally exhausted - physically, mentally, and a tad emotionally. I haven't abandoned the blog - I just have no time to think about it. I type this as my students are working on a paper - there are a million and two things I SHOULD be doing in my classroom, but I had to share.

Back to the exercise log - I did get back on the treadmill this morning! I ran 1.6 miles in 23 minutes. I was going for time based on W3D1 of C25K - I figured after 5 days off, I needed to repeat the week. My body was totally ok with it and asking for more - my lungs felt differently. By the time I was done, I was wheezing (even after taking my asthma preventative) and had coughs much like bronchitis. Time to stay on the horse though - setting my alarm now for tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exercise Log 3

Last week was really rough for me. I think it was the combination of stress, working on the house, and just not getting enough sleep in general, but I did not do anything as well as I wanted to! After last Tuesday, I went back to C25K week 2 - I just knew I wasn't going to be able to do week 3. Wednesday morning I started, only to get so lightheaded that I had to stop after 17 minutes. I did make it 1.18 miles, but I was just finished. It wasn't worth it. Took Thursday and Friday off to try to get some extra sleep in and recover.
On Saturday, I actually went for the time of C25K week 2. I went 1.5 miles in 20:30. Not terrible, but it was a tad disappointing. My allergies were acting up, making it hard to breathe before I ever started - not a good thing.
Late nights Friday and Saturday led me to sleep in on Sunday - I needed to sleep more than I needed to run.

Monday (yesterday) started with W3D1. It was BRUTAL but I made it back to 2 miles in 27:20. Not too terrible - I did have to slow the longer runs down, but I'm pretty excited that my time is similar to what it was before I allowed myself to rest. Took today off - was lifting lots of furniture for over an hour last night, and I am sore and exhausted. Gotta get back on it tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's all mine!

I really do apologize for my absence of late - I've been busy! I finally got to close on my house last Wednesday!!! There was a lot of stress in the lead up - as we were driving to do the closing I still wasn't sure it was going to happen. I am so thankful that it's over! I got possession at closing, so the house is ALL MINE!

That's where I have been every day since then.... we took boxes up on Wednesday. Thursday I did some prep work for painting. Friday night I actually started painting my kitchen! I got one wall done, then finished putting the second coat on it Saturday. That is my appliance wall, and they will be delivered tomorrow! Sunday I showed my house off to my aunt and her husband. My aunt is working on getting her interior design degree, so she was helping me with some of the decorating aspects. She also started a list of things she wants to buy me as house warming gifts: a new kitchen faucet, new toilet paper and towel holders, etc. The faucet doesn't match the light fixtures (two different metals) and it bugs her. I'll take it - then I have one handle and not two knobs, so I have better temperature control! And the bathroom things... they bugged me, but really, they are SO low on my priority list. There are NEEDS and there are WANTS - and are definitely wants. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and the fact that she wants to help make my house the best it can be! Last night I got one wall of my bedroom painted - I'm doing two colors in there. I'll hopefully have pictures of stuff in the next few days - I have been finishing stuff when it was dark, and it's hard to get decent pictures.

That's it for now - I'm enjoying making the house my home! I'm hoping to move in the next few weeks, hopefully with all the help I am getting it will happen!

Exercise Log 2

I apologize for my absence of late - but that's another post!
Last week was both good and bad. I ran Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I took Thursday off because I needed the sleep - ditto Saturday, and Sunday was Easter. I was making two miles every day, and my time kept improving. Even though yesterday should have been Week 3 Day 1 of C25K, I forgot to get the specs before I went to the treadmill. So I repeated Week 2 - made my two miles in 26:29!

I'll go ahead and report on today - I did W3D1, and it was killer. Longer running times alternated in with the shorter times. I managed to complete it, but there were other things going on that made that a struggle. I still did it though, so I'm pretty proud of myself! This is the third week - while I still haven't experienced the "runner's high" or the addiction to running, I'm going to keep this up. It has to be good for me - my lungs recover a lot faster than they used to.

I have days where I'm not hungry at all, and then days where I feel like I'm starving. Yesterday was the later - until I discovered that paint fumes make me a little lightheaded, lol. Didn't have a huge appetite for dinner after painting!

Have you ever been inspired and led to start a program? How did you stick with it?