Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exercise Log 2

I apologize for my absence of late - but that's another post!
Last week was both good and bad. I ran Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I took Thursday off because I needed the sleep - ditto Saturday, and Sunday was Easter. I was making two miles every day, and my time kept improving. Even though yesterday should have been Week 3 Day 1 of C25K, I forgot to get the specs before I went to the treadmill. So I repeated Week 2 - made my two miles in 26:29!

I'll go ahead and report on today - I did W3D1, and it was killer. Longer running times alternated in with the shorter times. I managed to complete it, but there were other things going on that made that a struggle. I still did it though, so I'm pretty proud of myself! This is the third week - while I still haven't experienced the "runner's high" or the addiction to running, I'm going to keep this up. It has to be good for me - my lungs recover a lot faster than they used to.

I have days where I'm not hungry at all, and then days where I feel like I'm starving. Yesterday was the later - until I discovered that paint fumes make me a little lightheaded, lol. Didn't have a huge appetite for dinner after painting!

Have you ever been inspired and led to start a program? How did you stick with it?

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Heidi said...

Way to go! Keep at it! You can do it!

I "graduated" a few weeks ago, but am still running 3 times a week. On Saturday I went about 3.5 miles in 38 minutes! I know you can do it too!