Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exercise Log 4 - and an apology.

Well, I only ran Wednesday after I posted. 15 seconds better than last Monday, I was surviving week 3. However, then I stopped. I know, I know, I did WHAT?!? And I am admitting to it so openly? But here's the thing - I moved into my house. Thursday night was spent moving drawers and as much little stuff as my mom and I could handle. Friday was spent moving EVERYTHING. Even though my dad and one of the firemen physically moved the furniture, there was still a LOT to be done. I had help until 10:30 Friday night - no time for running, and I knew not to run in the morning because I needed my energy. Saturday and Sunday were busy too - Saturday with a huge grocery shopping expedition, Sunday with grass cutting and a Pampered Chef party at Mom's.

All this to say..... I'm sorry I've not been around. I've been wanting to get pictures taken and uploaded (I have family members bugging me like crazy!) but it just hasn't happened. My junior high students present their musical May 7, which means I have no life an way. I'm totally exhausted - physically, mentally, and a tad emotionally. I haven't abandoned the blog - I just have no time to think about it. I type this as my students are working on a paper - there are a million and two things I SHOULD be doing in my classroom, but I had to share.

Back to the exercise log - I did get back on the treadmill this morning! I ran 1.6 miles in 23 minutes. I was going for time based on W3D1 of C25K - I figured after 5 days off, I needed to repeat the week. My body was totally ok with it and asking for more - my lungs felt differently. By the time I was done, I was wheezing (even after taking my asthma preventative) and had coughs much like bronchitis. Time to stay on the horse though - setting my alarm now for tomorrow morning!

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Much More Than Mommy said...

I'm tired just reading this! Can't wait to see pictures, have fun making the place your own!