Sunday, March 28, 2010

Exercise Log 1

I've fallen back in with an old friend of mine. Seriously, one of the oldest friends I have - I have known him since middle school. He is training for the Half Flying Pig Marathon coming up the first weekend of May. I hear about his training and started to get inspired. I've been doing the WiiFit off and on since January, but decided it was time to step it up.

I started running last Monday. I am trying the Couch to 5K Running Plan. The nice thing is that it alternates running and walking, allowing an asthmatic like me time to catch her breath. I'm pretty proud of myself - I ran Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I did the WiiFit for approx. 40 minutes of activity on Wednesday and today. That means Saturday was the only day I was NOT active. On Friday, I managed to not use my inhaler (a big deal when my allergies have kicked in!) and still make it through two miles in less than 30 minutes!

This morning I also did the test for the 200 Sit-Up Challenge. I've seen a lot about the 100 Push-up Challenge, but at the moment, I don't think it is a good idea. I have had some problems with tendinitis in the past, and it flared up last week in my wrist. Maybe after I can do the sit ups I will work on adding the pushups?

I'm hoping to do a condensed log like this every week. I post a daily update on my facebook as well as on a private discussion board. I am hoping that by making my efforts public, I can 1) stick with them! and 2) inspire someone else :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waiting still...

I'm still waiting. I'm lucky enough that it's not on as MUCH, but it's still waiting. The bank FINALLY got my paperwork off to underwriting... yesterday. It's be an unbelievable mess. I don't want to be the person who badmouths publicly, but I will certainly never be recommending this bank to anyone. It's so frustrating - I do everything they ask me too, but one person's ignorance messes it up and slows everything down....

In other news, shopping trip to IKEA yesterday. Couldn't buy my coffee table, as they didn't have it in stock, but found a couple of odds and ends. Nothing major, not even super exciting, just things that will be nice to have (like a lazy susan for my kitchen).

on Monday, we accomplished a lot. Went to a local jeweler and sold some jewelry, just to be melted down for gold. I made enough to fix three pieces of my own jewelry (a ring from my parents that I wear all the time and two bracelets) and still walk away with a little bit of money! Also went to the dressmaker - even though the wedding is off, she has done so much with my dress that we are going to go ahead and get it. Here are some pictures, taken by my momma

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The top still isn't finished - she needed to check the fit before finishing it. I've shrunk (again) so it was good that she hadn't started the alterations for the bridesmaid dress for Megan's wedding - it would have been way too big! Good news I guess, but it does require me to buy new clothes, something that wasn't really in the budget. I've done alright, bought some from the Gap outlet, and some on sale at Old Navy. It'll be enough to get me through the end of the school year.

Other good things are happening - when they are more public I'll share. It's nice to feel relaxed and happy - spring break is the best idea ever! I just wish it were two weeks long!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Housewarming Gifts!

So, something I never thought of about buying a house - housewarming gifts! It means that I am behind on some thank yous. I received a really generous gifts from my managers at the ski slopes - a garbage can filled with cleaning supplies! It might not be fun stuff, but it is definitely necessary!

when I got home on Friday, my mom tells me she thinks there is a wedding invitation from Utah. But, the only person I know in Utah is already married....

Do you all know Carly? I am so glad that I do! I know her from a private discussion board, and I am so grateful that I do. She blogs about all kinds of stuff - the Utah link above is her latest venture. It's always entertaining to read.
Anyway. Back to the "wedding invitation". I open the envelope to find a housewarming gift, not an invitation!
Cute card, right? Even better - the patch on the front? It's PLANTABLE!! I can't wait! I already have an herb garden for my kitchen windowsill, but I figure my living room or office will need some green love. And then I'll be able to transfer it outside when I start a small garden plot! (of course, there was a sweet note inside from Carly, but I'm not sharing everything!)

And inside the card was this:
Photobucket Photobucket
The pictures don't do it justice, this little notebook is so cute! And the quote is totally perfect for this point in my life - "He offered her the world. She said she had her own." I love it! It's way more stylish than the bulky steno notebook I've been carrying around. I'm trying to always be ready in case the bank or someone calls.

Thanks again Carly! I really appreciate it - it made my weekend happier! I can't wait to be able to plant it for my OWN HOUSE! :)

And when I got home last night (after a really rotten day) there was an envelope with my name all fancy. It hadn't been mailed, so I figured it was just something from my momma. Nope! It was from a teacher at her school! Missy is the aunt of one of my ex-boyfriends. The BF is long gone from my life, but I've kept in touch with Missy and such.... she was actually a reference when I applied for my job! Anyway, I opened it to find the cutest housewarming card and a Target gift card! I love Target, and I especially love it for house things.

I feel like I've been spoiled, and I haven't even moved in yet! It's great to feel loved :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry I haven't been around much lately. There's been a LOT of waiting in my life right now, and nothing to report on! The bank is still suggesting that my closing date is going to be this Tuesday - I'm just having a hard time believing it, since my loan packet didn't go back in the mail until Wednesday! I guess we'll see what happens - hopefully there is a phone call soon!

I did do quite a bit of shopping (without spending very much!) last Sunday. I found the cutest dress to wear for spring events:
(source: Kohl's)
I'm very excited about the dress, because I have spent a lot of time looking for the perfect dress in the past few years, and now I've found it!

I also found my couch-to-be and a matching chair!
I found them at Value City Furniture (photo from their site as well) and the price is so much better than anything else I have seen. I am very excited - it is microfiber, as I can't have leather with the dog.

I also discovered the paint colors that I want! It turns out the Behr paint, who makes Disney paint, made them all the same price! I am very excited about this. We had spent a long time looking at the full display, and I wasn't totally sold on any of the colors. We found out the pricing was the same, I looked at the Disney display and BAM! I had paint colors.
I'll be using the dark blue on a single wall in the master bedroom, then using Blustery Day on the other three and for the half bath that is connected. They look great with my new comforter!

Cinderella's Glass Slipper is the color for my hobby room. This has also been claimed as my friend Morgan's room - I'm thinking about putting a twin bed in as a day bed for her. It will have quite a few white shelves, so I think it will look pretty awesome.

Once Upon A Time is my "neutral" color. I'm thinking hallways and the office.

Main Street Lights is the color for my kitchen and the full bathroom. Remember, I have Mickey stuff and a black shower curtain - I think it will look happy!

I am having some troubles with the living room. I definitely want one wall red - I just haven't decided which one. The other three walls will be Once Upon a Time. Black couch, black lamps - I'm excited about this room!

Although painting the outside of the house won't be happening until summer, I'm looking at colors (of course!). I want to paint the majority of it the gray. I can't decide if I want to do the trim in blue or black... so I keep looking at these combinations to decide! I keep thinking that I could do black trim and a navy door... good thing I have time to decide!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Funny Injuries

I was just reading Hannah's post about breaking her nose. And it made me laugh... about the time I broke my toe. What?!? You ask.

I was at drama rehearsal my junior year with a throbbing migraine. You know, the kind where all you want is to be at home, in your bed, asleep. So we were FINALLY walking out. Matt had his cousin Nathan, who was tiny at the time, on his back, piggyback style. They were walking out behind me, and Matt was goofing around... Nathan's foot ended up hitting my in the back. My head jerked backwards, making the awful headache even worse.....

My next actions are NOT something I recommend. I was wearing soccer sandles with socks (yeah, dorky, but comfy). I whirled around, kicking out as I did.... and my foot met Matt's shin. HARD. I instantly went down, with tears in my eyes... telling everyone within earshot "I just broke my toe".

I drove a stickshift (I've never owned something that wasn't) and had to drop people off on my way home. Matt was apologizing and trying to take the blame, but I knew it was totally my fault. The nice thing was... my head didn't hurt. But now my foot REALLY hurt, and everytime I had to shift or stop, I was in tears from the pain. Got home, iced it.... my mom walked in and insisted I hadn't broken it.

The following Monday, I was still in so much pain she took me to the doctor, who sent me for X-rays. Sure enough - a nice jagged fracture of my second toe. They sent me to an ORTHOPEDIC for it. (Turned out to be good, because I already knew him when I hurt my knees a few months later.) He gave me a funky shoe, and told me if it hurt in a few months, they could re-break it and try to set it. AS IF!

So now, I don't go ANYWHERE without a toe ring on that toe. It just looks a little funky to me when it's naked, so I make sure it's dressed up :) I laugh about the injury now - Matt did have one wicked bruise on his shin, but I definitely ended up with the lasting consequences. I've made sure NOW that if I have the urge to kick someone, I am wearing real shoes. And I kick karate style, using the bottom of my foot, not my toes!

What's the funniest/oddest injury you've ever gotten?