Saturday, March 6, 2010

Funny Injuries

I was just reading Hannah's post about breaking her nose. And it made me laugh... about the time I broke my toe. What?!? You ask.

I was at drama rehearsal my junior year with a throbbing migraine. You know, the kind where all you want is to be at home, in your bed, asleep. So we were FINALLY walking out. Matt had his cousin Nathan, who was tiny at the time, on his back, piggyback style. They were walking out behind me, and Matt was goofing around... Nathan's foot ended up hitting my in the back. My head jerked backwards, making the awful headache even worse.....

My next actions are NOT something I recommend. I was wearing soccer sandles with socks (yeah, dorky, but comfy). I whirled around, kicking out as I did.... and my foot met Matt's shin. HARD. I instantly went down, with tears in my eyes... telling everyone within earshot "I just broke my toe".

I drove a stickshift (I've never owned something that wasn't) and had to drop people off on my way home. Matt was apologizing and trying to take the blame, but I knew it was totally my fault. The nice thing was... my head didn't hurt. But now my foot REALLY hurt, and everytime I had to shift or stop, I was in tears from the pain. Got home, iced it.... my mom walked in and insisted I hadn't broken it.

The following Monday, I was still in so much pain she took me to the doctor, who sent me for X-rays. Sure enough - a nice jagged fracture of my second toe. They sent me to an ORTHOPEDIC for it. (Turned out to be good, because I already knew him when I hurt my knees a few months later.) He gave me a funky shoe, and told me if it hurt in a few months, they could re-break it and try to set it. AS IF!

So now, I don't go ANYWHERE without a toe ring on that toe. It just looks a little funky to me when it's naked, so I make sure it's dressed up :) I laugh about the injury now - Matt did have one wicked bruise on his shin, but I definitely ended up with the lasting consequences. I've made sure NOW that if I have the urge to kick someone, I am wearing real shoes. And I kick karate style, using the bottom of my foot, not my toes!

What's the funniest/oddest injury you've ever gotten?


ModernMom said...

LOL So glad you can laugh at this one! Once my about 8 month old daughter was sitting on my lap in bed. She got mad about something, reared back and broke my nose! It was the day before Christmas. What a gift:)

w said...

girl. you wore socks with sandals? man. that's hilarious. also. i do that all the time and my friends make fun of me. i loves it.

my knee is currently broken. not literally. it just doesn't want to work right is all.

Hannah Noel said...

lol geez. I'm not sure what's more offensive, the breaking of your toe or wearing socks with sandals ;) ;)

Just kidding. Dang, I bet that HURT!! My nose didn't hurt that bad after a while-- it was more of a dull ache. I can't imagine that being the case with a toe!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Tip for the day: When you visit Disney, no socks + sandals! ;-)

I don't know if this counts, but I have a dimple that's actually a scar from a fight with my sister. We were REALLY young too, and everytime I see it in a picture, I think of her. :-D

nowealthbutlife said...

Um, ouch. I don't really have any funny stories which may be why all I can think is "ouch" instead of "oh, this is funny!" :-)