Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry I haven't been around much lately. There's been a LOT of waiting in my life right now, and nothing to report on! The bank is still suggesting that my closing date is going to be this Tuesday - I'm just having a hard time believing it, since my loan packet didn't go back in the mail until Wednesday! I guess we'll see what happens - hopefully there is a phone call soon!

I did do quite a bit of shopping (without spending very much!) last Sunday. I found the cutest dress to wear for spring events:
(source: Kohl's)
I'm very excited about the dress, because I have spent a lot of time looking for the perfect dress in the past few years, and now I've found it!

I also found my couch-to-be and a matching chair!
I found them at Value City Furniture (photo from their site as well) and the price is so much better than anything else I have seen. I am very excited - it is microfiber, as I can't have leather with the dog.

I also discovered the paint colors that I want! It turns out the Behr paint, who makes Disney paint, made them all the same price! I am very excited about this. We had spent a long time looking at the full display, and I wasn't totally sold on any of the colors. We found out the pricing was the same, I looked at the Disney display and BAM! I had paint colors.
I'll be using the dark blue on a single wall in the master bedroom, then using Blustery Day on the other three and for the half bath that is connected. They look great with my new comforter!

Cinderella's Glass Slipper is the color for my hobby room. This has also been claimed as my friend Morgan's room - I'm thinking about putting a twin bed in as a day bed for her. It will have quite a few white shelves, so I think it will look pretty awesome.

Once Upon A Time is my "neutral" color. I'm thinking hallways and the office.

Main Street Lights is the color for my kitchen and the full bathroom. Remember, I have Mickey stuff and a black shower curtain - I think it will look happy!

I am having some troubles with the living room. I definitely want one wall red - I just haven't decided which one. The other three walls will be Once Upon a Time. Black couch, black lamps - I'm excited about this room!

Although painting the outside of the house won't be happening until summer, I'm looking at colors (of course!). I want to paint the majority of it the gray. I can't decide if I want to do the trim in blue or black... so I keep looking at these combinations to decide! I keep thinking that I could do black trim and a navy door... good thing I have time to decide!


w said...

cinderella's glass slipper is totally classy, man.

best wishes on closing!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Praying and crossing my fingers for you to close on Tuesday! Love the colors, and their names!!

nowealthbutlife said...

I love the couch. I hope that all goes well for the closing today!