Friday, December 2, 2011

Tailgating! IU vs. PU

Over Thanksgiving (which was busy!) we went to Bloomington, IN to tailgate for the Indiana University vs. Purdue University game.  Being two Indiana universities, it is a big rivalry.  Even though I'm not strongly partial to either team, it was so much fun!  Our friend Brie insisted I needed team apparel, so I rooted for the gold and black.

The whole gang went to a local establishment to watch the game, and we had so much fun with the friendly rivalries!
That night we hit the college scene.  Some of the bars in Bloomington are legendary for different reasons.  I was just glad we could sit and not stand all night!  This is Dan with me and Josh - his wife couldn't make it, but we sure did have fun!
It was a great break and short getaway - I can't wait for the next group outing!

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