Friday, December 9, 2011

That White Stuff

Yup.  It's December.  I have very mixed feelings about snow this year.  On the one hand, I LOVE fresh snow.  On the other hand... it means I have to work at the slopes (not ready for the running around like crazy part) but I also have to drive in it.  I don't mind driving in it.... except for all of the crazy drivers who see a flake and forget what they are doing!

I can't WAIT to have enough snow to go outside and play in the snow - but I don't want any snow days before Christmas break!  If we miss a day between now and next Friday, we have to come back the following week... and I want a super long Christmas break!

There's some flakes falling outside as I type this.... I'm hoping it doesn't stick to the roads, as my choir is supposed to perform at a Live Nativity tonight.  But fresh falling snow while we sing would look pretty sweet!

1 comment:

iris said...

Snow is great...until it sticks around for weeks! So, basically, only the first sticking snow of the season.