Sunday, April 19, 2009

Online Wedding Planner

So, throughout the engagement, I've joined lots of wedding site -,, etc. I've usually joined up just to be able to see all of their content and save something on the off chance that I might want to use it later.

However, I got a personal invitation to visit Now, here is a functional site that I might actually use!
*Not only can I upload all of my guest information, it has a way to export that information to Excel. Hurray for making labels!
*They also allow you to export a PDF of important information. This makes it easy to email details to your FMIL or print it out for your day of coordinator.
*You can set up email reminders for when payments are due to your vendors. I probably won't use this feature, but it would be great if you are worried about missing due dates.
*Once you enter the information ONCE, it enters it EVERYWHERE. So if you put in a cost in the ceremony budget, it is automatically added to the master budget!
*If you are at the beginning of your planning, this is the organizer for you! They cover everything, from the engagment ring to the honeymoon. So the earlier you start using it, the more you can benefit!

*Finally, it's web based. So if you are at work and have internet access, and suddenly realize that Great Aunt Sally isn't on the guest list, you can add her. Or if you want to let your FMIL input the addresses for her guests, you can have a generic password (don't give her your email password!) and give her your username. It's a GREAT way to share information across multiple households.

What planner are you/did you use? I think this one can be universally pleasing, because you can use what you want and ignore what you don't!


Hannah Noel said...

I, like you, signed up for several things-- but most of them I haven't really used. I do my own planning! :P

Sandra said...

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