Sunday, June 28, 2009


We have reception music! We know two guys from NKU who have been getting into the DJ business quietly. If you're in the Cincinnati area, you definitely want their information! They are Keith Reed and Mike Fitzpatrick, and they make up MKProductions. They are absolutely awesome!

We met with the guys at Applebees last week. Nice and laid back, exactly as we expected. They've been holding our date without a deposit or contract, but again, we know them. They gave us some great ideas to help the flow of things. They prefer to work out a playlist for the evening instead of winging it - great! I love knowing ahead of time what's going to happen. It also allows that I can work in my "break" songs so that I'm guranteed to have them spread out, instead of all at once!

Their recommendations for flow:
After introductions, go straight into the formal dances. You already have everyone's attention, so why not use it? Do the first dance, dad/daughter, mother/son, and if you are doing a bridal party dance, get them all finished.

Then cut the cake. This allows the caterer to cut the cake while everyone is eating dinner, and if it is your only dessert, it is ready whenever people are ready to eat their sweet.

Then go into dinner!

I'm really excited that we get to work with the guys - they are super nice, and we know they'll do a great job for us. Knowing just how involved they are personally with each event makes it even more exciting for us!

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