Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marriage Preparation

Before we can get to the ceremony, we have to do some preparing. And no, this isn't about all of the fun, colorful stuff. Father Dennis was very straight forward about the two programs that we need to complete before he will marry us - Marriage is Forever and a Natural Family Planning course.

The Marriage is Forever is offered by our deanery. I'm interested, as everyone has said really great things about it. We'll spend 5 hours at it this Sunday, so I truly hope it is that interesting! Nothing worse than being bored that long...

The Natural Family Planning (NFP) course.... I'm definitely not looking forward to. It is done once a month at St. Louis, and is put on by parishioners. As silly as it may sound, I'm really scared that the presenters will be parents of one of my students. It just makes me nervous... I've never been comfortable talking about sex, and now I'll spend over three hours doing nothing but. We're hoping to take care of this requirement in November, we'll see if it works out with the schedules!


Heidi said...

We some how made it through with out doing a NFP course. They touched on it during our Engaged Encounter weekend, but that was it! I hope it goes better than you anticipate.

Eliza said...

Don't worry about NFP, it's a great class! It's not really talking all about sex. It's actually learning how amazing your own body is and how it works. I learned NFP before marriage and it has helped my husband and me love each other more. Hope it goes well for you.