Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh, hi there!

I feel slightly ashamed - I haven't forgotten about you all, but life gets in the way.  This time, it's in so many good ways!
  • The secret I kept hinting around?  Surprise 16th birthday party for my principal's daughter.  It was a huge success!  I acted as DJ, her dance teacher gave some ballroom-ish lessons.  It was fantastic!
  • My junior high kids perform in 8 days.  EIGHT.  That requires a little bit of attention on my part :)
  • I have bronchitis, caused by my allergies.  Which means I have next to no voice.  Combine with above, and it causes some more stress.
  • My choir performs for First Communion on Sunday.  I'm supposed to sing.  Probably not happening, but at least I can still play the clarinet!
  • But in good news... Josh is back.  Long story, not necessarily for public consumption.  But I think it's safe to say that when he walks back in and his first words are "I love you" that it's ok to trust him again.  Because that's not something that's just said by him.  Ever. Means a lot, and made my heart sing.

Are you still stopped by that last bullet point?  It's ok, I understand.  I tell people that I know (you know, face to face), and their jaw drops.  In a way, it's totally worth everything that happened, just to see the reactions.  Not that I would ever go through it again.  But obviously, that has meant some of my free time has become not so free :)  Dinner last Friday night with a couple we hang out with quite often, Saturday night with his parents, and then Sunday was Easter!  It's nice to have someone at my house a few nights of the night to relax with - I hadn't realized how lonely I was getting.  It is always harder the closer I get to the musical.

We start rehearsals for Bye Bye Birdie Monday night.... yes, I have a one week overlap between shows!  I'll run from my rehearsals to Birdie, hopefully with time to grab something to eat in between.  Josh is convincing me to join the YMCA out here, so expect to see some exercise logs starting next month!  I knew he was good for me :)

What do you do when the stress levels rise?  Does your body revolt and get sick?

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Rachel said...

That's what my body does, a full-on revolution LOL! Usually it's headaches and/or migraines and body aches, but I've also gotten sick but that's also usually because I've been burning the candle at both ends.

Good luck with all your shows!