Monday, February 6, 2012

Date Night!

Saturday night, Josh and I had an old-fashioned date.  He picked me up, opened doors, helped me with my coat.  It was a sweet change, although I'm not sure I could handle it all the time!

We went to Ertel's Winery in Batesville.  The place is gorgeous - here are some pictures from their website.

We had a nice little table for 2 right next to the windows.  Josh ordered us a bottle of their strawberry wine - yum!  I haven't had a wine from there yet that I don't love.  He ordered a shrimp dish, and I got the filet Mignon.  We shared a crab cake appetizer.   Everything was absolutely delicious, and presented so well that he kidded we should take pictures.  I almost pulled my camera out.... but didn't.

It was nice to be out just the two of us, and this was a change from what we normally do.  We ended the evening sipping a honey mead on my couch, watching "Supernatural" season 4.  We wouldn't want to get TOO fancy all at once :)

What's your favorite date night or special date night?


Heather said...

Sounds like a great time! We love to go wine tasting and try new restaurants.

Hope at Disneyland said...

It sounds like a perfect day. :D

Staci said...

My perfect date night is a night in with a great movie and my hubs! He is a great cook so if he made dinner before hand, that would be icing on the cake! :)

Let's Teach Something

Becky said...

My favorite when its a little warmer is a tandem bike ride and back home to have something on the grill. Simple but fun. Winter months we love dinner out and movies.