Sunday, September 28, 2008

Child Attendants

I know who I want for our child attendants: Claire and Henry. They are SO adorable, and are so cute with each other. Seems a perfect match to me!

I want to make our ringbearer pillow. I see so many that I like part of, but not all of. Or I don't like the colors. I really like this one - imagine the lettering in gold, possibly with a red accent. The sparkle button... well, I'm not entirely sure that's appropriate for a little boy to be carrying. It might be necessary though. Since I've only seen this in silver, I think I'm going to get crafty and make it.

Claire's flower basket is not quite as easy. I can't seem to find a plain basket anywhere! And I'm not sure how I would go about adding the lettering to it. I do like the idea of them matching, but I'm not entirely sure this is possible.My other thought is to find a plain one and add some red and gold ribbon to it. I do want her to have an arrangement for it, so that it can become a keepsake.

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