Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Body Shop Tea Tree Giveaway

Something I haven't shared on this blog are the allergies that I suffer. I am allergic to paraben and lanolin, along with many other things, which makes skin care a very difficult topic for me. Imagine my delight when I saw Vanessa's Body Shop Tea Tree Giveaway. I went and looked at their facewash, and it's actually perfectly okay for me!

So, I would love it if no one else entered into the contest, but since I know that's not going to happen, go visit Vanessa's blog, Designs by Vanessa, and go ahead and enter. Just remember you are taking it away from me if you win :)


Vanessa said...

Thanks for blogging about this great giveaway! Don't forget to enter the Tinker Dots Designs Giveaway:

rhaindropz said...

Dear, MakeupSnob is having this giveaway, (to all MAC, SEPHORA and NYX lovers) click here: and take your part!

love lots,