Saturday, August 27, 2011

Exercise Log 7

Another week, another log.  This one started a course of beating myself up!  Josh took me to the weight room, because I'm too much of a weenie to go by myself.  He helped me with an ab routine, including sides (which were SO sore the next day!).  Then 30 minutes on the elliptical.  That was followed by some upper body strength machines (don't ask me what, I do as I'm told and say thank you!) then cooling off by walking on the track.  I was so sore on Wednesday I certainly didn't want to move, but I did!  Here's the breakdown of the week:
Monday - swim 30 laps in 20 minutes.  The pool was closed in the morning, so I had to go after school before our junior high open house.  It really threw me off, and I was distracted by the swim lessons going on at the same time.  Good to know for future reference though :)
Tuesday - weight room with Josh
Wednesday - 40 laps in 26 minutes.  Not too disappointed considering how sore I was!
Thursday - weight room again.  It was easier, but it HURT.  I was still sore from Tuesday, and some of the reps made me want to cry.

And that's it.  Slept in yesterday, and it felt wonderful!  My Fitness Pal wasn't too happy with me on Thursday, because apparently I didn't eat enough calories.  It's definitely making me more aware of what I put in my mouth, but I don't know if that's really helping.  Instead, I feel guilty every time I grab a handful of M&Ms to get through the next class without a rumbling tummy!


Heather said...

Way to go for working out! My early-morning boot camp starts in a few weeks.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

lol @ fitness pal! i have yet to try this. awesome job getting in a weight workout!