Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School starts tomorrow... and I'm not ready!

So much has happened in the past week and a half!  My new air conditioner finalllllly made it in about 10 pm Thursday night.  Lots of hours put in by my dad and uncles, and I am so appreciative!  They saved me money by doing it with love, so I feel very lucky once again.

We went to the Journey concert last Wednesday!  Their openers were Night Ranger and Foreigner.  Not bad, but definitely were there to see Journey.  It was so much fun, especially since I haven't been to a concert since last August!

All of my furniture is finished and put back together.... I guess I forgot to take pictures though.  Whoops.  It definitely looks nicer than the flowers, but now I'm considering adding some shells instead.... we'll see what I can dig up.

This weekend a dear friend is getting married.  Josh is in the wedding, so that means rehearsal Friday night and craziness Saturday!  Should be a good time though, I'm pretty excited about it.

School starts tomorrow... and I'm not ready.  I finally got my motivation to do home stuff, but apparently it doesn't spread over to doing school stuff.  It seems like summer just got started, and it's at an end already.  Sadness, but at least it means I get to see people like Staci and Kristina again!


Heather said...

Good luck with back to school! The Journey concert sounds amazing! I'd love to see them in concert.

Miss Kik said...

It's great to be back and see you, too! One week (almost) down!