Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot... and how I found my motivation

It has been HOT here.  I finally borrowed a window unit for my bedroom, and my new A/C is in my garage.... it will finally be installed Tuesday.  It's made getting hot projects accomplished a little difficult.  But never fear, I found my motivation!

First up, no pictures - finally finished unpacking the guest/hobby room and office.  Made it through the boxes in the garage.  I'm so excited to see clean spaces!

My first project - painting the back doors.  Dad added a screen door with doggie door, but they have needed some paint.  Waiting for the A/C to get fixed to paint the inside parts - I don't want to let buggies in the house when I take the screen off!

Ah, the project that lead to a 2nd degree burn on my index finger (seriously, like the whole fingerprint.  Ask me how it is in a few weeks - right now it can't take any pressure without serious pain!).  This is the mirror from my dresser.  It was plain Jane white.  I painted the channel to match the other two walls of my bedroom, then we added shells.  I love the way it pops, and it adds to the beachy feel of my room.  Worth the burn?  I'll decide when school starts!

And.... a project I've wanted to do for years.  I've had the same furniture for at least 20 years, probably longer.  It's white, which is classic, and matches well in a blue room.  But.... you see that flower decal?  It's on all of the top drawers.  And after so long, I don't love it anymore.  So, I'm sanding all the drawers, removing the decal when necessary, and painting them light blue!  You can see in the top shot the demo of what it will look like.  I'm pretty excited - it's the same blue as two of the walls, but I think it will really pop against the dark blue.  Mostly, I'm excited that the flowers are gone!

It took a while, but I'm motivated to get things accomplished around the house.  Well, I have been.... my Kindle came in this morning! (and I got it free, even better!)  I might have to set limits on how long I can play with it....

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