Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exercise Log 4

Mon, June 20: 40 laps in 25 minutes, plus 2 more laps
Tues, June 21: 40 laps in 24-25 minutes
Wed, June 22: 50 laps, 35 minutes
Thurs, June 23: Swam a mile (70 laps) in 46 minutes
Vacation week - June 30: 20 laps before the pool was too crowded.  Lots of swimming in the ocean and walking during the week though.

Wed, July 6: 50 laps in 32 minutes. Made 40 laps in 24, so that compares pretty well.  Also did a 30 minute yoga class with my mom.

I do pretty good the weeks I'm home.  I just get up EARLY (5:10 this morning) instead of sleeping in like I want to.  Sometimes the hardest part is just driving out to Batesville to get to the pool.  I am not seeing a difference in numbers, but Josh says I look more toned.  I'll take anyone seeing a difference!

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