Monday, July 13, 2009

Cigar Giveaway

Ok all.... two posts in one day, you have to know that free stuff is involved! Head over to The Relentless Bride for her Cigar Roller Giveaway. I copied most of her post so you know the details!

This week's giveaway is Great. It's something different that I think may appeal to not only my female readers, but my male readers or male friends of my female readers. I'm very excited b/c i'd love to see some fun stuff that are not just "girly" but also the items that may be considered more manly... Like a Cigar Roller from Coastal Cigar!!!

Coastal Cigars have awesome Cigar Roller Gift packs that would be perfect for groomsmen gifts, father's gifts and any cigar connoisseur... the service includes

* personalized cigar gift packs for social and corporate groups
* cigar tastings and cigar rolling demonstrations for special events
* premium wholesale humidors provided to restaurants, golf courses, hotels, resorts, grocery stores and other businesses of choice

And for you ladies who love cigas, they even have a Girls Night Out set that comes complete with a mini bottle of Kahlua and four Kahlua-flavored cigars, the perfect addition for a classy night on the town.

And today, and for the next TWO weeks on the Relentless Bride, we are giving away to one lucky reader, one “Boss Box”- containing four cigars, a cutter, and mini-bottle. The Boss Box will have the initials of the bride and groom along with the date and location of their wedding on the face of the box.

Now, head over there for the details on how to enter.... and if you aren't into cigars, you can let me have the prize, because I know someone who would LOVE this!

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