Monday, December 14, 2009

My Hands

Now. I have to say, this was not my idea. Well, not entirely. But Meg over at A Practical Wedding had this post, and it got me thinking. What do my hands say about me? Not my rings, but my hands?

And then I started thinking. What story do I want my hands to tell? If you look at them, they look pretty soft. I mean that in the no manual labor way. but then I start to think....
*They take a lot of abuse playing the piano. It sounds easy.... unless you are someone who has sprained a ligament. Then you realize just how bad all that wide spreading REALLY is for them.
*They move pianos. that's right - I, with my own two hands (and the elevator!) move the piano for my concerts. By myself.
*They set up, carry, and run sound systems. In fact, that's where most of the scratches on my hands have come from in the past week or so.
*They care for others. Hugs, food for the dog, or dialing the phone to say "I love you"
*They do the laundry.
*They show the world how nervous I am, or have been. I'm not a nail biter - I'm a cuticle biter. Just as bad, but different.
*They also help show the weather - they're already cracking.

The last thing that they do is show other people's love for ME. My right hand ring was a gift from my parents on my 16th birthday. As if that weren't special enough, the diamond is the original diamond from my mom's engagement ring. Talk about emotional significance. And yes, on my left hand, I wear a symbol of David and my engagement. I am lucky enough that neither of us had to spend a fortune or go ring shopping - it is a family ring, passed down to the oldest male in his family to propose with. So in a way, both of my hands not only show others' love for me, but their love for each other. And yes, I think that IS a worthy message to share with the world. I wouldn't trade either of them for a "bigger or better" ring - they are both perfect. And I think they help my hands show the message I would want the world to see.

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Eliza said...

This was a truly beautiful reflection. Thank you.