Tuesday, January 12, 2010

T-minus 5 months!

(source: personal photo, tablecloth from Target)
That's right... five months from today we will be MARRIED! It seems a little unreal, because there is still so much to do. I have been doing a LOT of thinking/plotting/dreaming, although a lot of it has not made it into anything that makes sense to anyone else yet :)

For example: I have a hair trial set for March. This will be with my regular stylist (yes, she who is pregnant) but my "second choice" will also be there. I can also do a trial with my second if I choose, which I probably will if Cheri has the baby late. But that doesn't amount to much planning to other people.

Our vocalist is also pregnant! She will be about 7 months along by our wedding, but neither of us truly anticipates that being a problem. In my head, I've thought how easy alternatives will be (not that I WANT to replace her, but if I have to) as some of our groomsmen have musical girlfriends. As in, vocal majors in college, not just singing along to the radio. It's nice having an easy fallback on that one if we need it!

working on some thoughts for how to reserve the parent tables. I bought some gold table clothes (shown above) from Target during their after Christmas sale. I figure that will make the tables stand out. We are not going to do assigned seating - my family is the kind who always ignores it - but I want to make sure our parents have good tables reserved. Still need to figure out how to do some cute reserved signs and cute holders... I'm thinking some of those wine cork holders that I've seen might be cute, and a very "David" touch.

Other than that... found out we can get our invitations at 50% off, which makes me feel a lot better about ordering them! My mom has a connection (thanks Mom!) who has a connection. It's a long explanation, but the short story is - when we order all of our stationary (and napkins and matches) we will get 50% off, and we will probably have them in hand in about a week! Hoping to get them ordered before we are t-minus 4. That's another of my "mini-goals" that sometimes happen and sometimes don't :)


w said...

so. ok. your wedding isn't actually at disney. does that mean i don't get an invite?

man. that's a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Yay for sales and connections of connections!