Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy House Challenge

Have you all seen the Happy House Challenge? I'm all about it, as it makes my house just a little bit happier each week. The first week was simple - make your bed every day. I've been doing pretty well on this since I moved, but now that it is part of the challenge, I make sure I do it within the first hour I'm awake. The second week was a little harder - make sure you clear your sink every night. If I had my dishwasher functional, this would be easier (as dishes in there or drying after being washed count as being cleared). I did ok last week, I'm not doing quite as well this week.

This week's challenge is the hardest part of all: clear your living space of clutter. I haven't done well at this AT ALL. You are supposed to pick the one room you "live" in the most. Obviously, that's my living room. I started off well the coffee table and sofa table cleared Thursday night. Friday and yesterday - not so much. I use the sofa table as my catch all - mail, stuff in my hands when I walk in the door. It also is my bill spot right now, as my office is NOT ready for that responsibility. As soon as I'm done writing this post, I'm off so that I can at least be 2/4 after today. I'm thinking that if I can make myself do THAT every night, picking up the clutter in my bedroom will be easier too.

What is your motivation for cleaning clutter? Do you have a system to make sure everything gets done?

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Katina said...

Happy House challenge? I'm gonna have to try that one!! Thanks for the tip!