Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy House Challenge

By now, you've figured out that I'm taking part in the Happy House Challenge over at My Happy House. I didn't do too bad  this past week:
Make the bed 7/7
Empty the sink 5/7 (better!)
Clear the clutter 5/7 (better too, I just had to get it clean to start with!)
Sweep the floor 2/7 Mopped and swept once, only swept one other time. Should have been more with two dogs instead of one!

Sweeping daily is the hardest for me, as it's not a habit that happened when I was growing up.  Things like that were done weekly or sometimes twice a week.  Going to work harder at it!  This week's addition will be relatively easy for me, as I don't get much mail to start with.  Junk mail goes right into the recycling, and bills have a specific home.

It looks like I am going to have house guests next week.  I've never met them*, so I feel like I need to present the absolute best side of my little abode.  It's kind of hard to do as I am in the midst of unpacking/organizing still, so I made a list.  I am the kind of person who does much better when it is all written out.  I have every room listed, and the things I need to do in each room.  Now, in my head, I know that some things can't happen too early - if I dust the coffee table today, I will need to do it again Thursday before they arrive.  Anyway, I thought I would share my list, and see if there is anything that I am forgetting!  Some things are automatic - I always make my bed anymore, and the guest bed already has clean sheets.

Full Bathroom
Clean Tub/Shower, including scrubbing the grout
**also need to try to have all of my towels clean and dry!

Half Bathroom

Sweep floor (yes, it's just a carpet alleyway, but I will forget if it's not on here!)
Close closet where furnace is (open now so I don't forget to check that the reservoir is draining properly)

Guest Room
Clear Bed (currently home to my many stuffed animals)
Clear off Desk
Get things I will need for weekend out of closet, and close
Sweep Floor

Master Bedroom
Clear off furniture - I think a room always looks nicer without junk on the dresser
Sweep floor

Living Room
Dust furniture/shelves
Clear tables of extra things (Happy House Challenge step as well!)
Sweep floor
Sweep Couch and chair (my dog thinks they are his)

Clear Tables and Counters of clutter
Dishes washed/away (big deal as my dishwasher still isn't functional
Sweep Floor
Mop Floor

Clothesline down after all laundry is done - I am trying not to use my dryer and save myself some money!
Clean table and chairs (in case we want to eat outside)
Cut grass Wednesday or Thursday (just finished yesterday)
Sweep/detail car (will probably be the driver for wedding events)
Wash car
Weeding (just sprayed Thursday with weed killer, guessing I will still need to pull them after they are dead.  Will have to be done Thursday if there is time)

So there you have it.  My complete to do list at my house for the next week.  What am I missing?  Is there something you do to prepare for overnight guests that I have missed?

*Josh is in a wedding next weekend.  To save a groomsman some money, he asked if Doug and/or his girlfriend could stay with me.  Josh will also be staying at my house so I am not alone with people I don't know!

**If you are really observant, you will notice the office is no where on the list.  I haven't even begun to unpack/organize in there - that's my plan for today.  If I get it presentable, I'll add it to the list, which would include sweeping and window (I dust before I put anything out).  However, I'm figuring it will still be full of boxes and assorted things, so they will just have to grant me understanding on that room!


w said...

good for you!

also. the happy house challenge looks like you have to complete a bunch of chores.

i tell you what. i'm pretty happy not doing any cleaning. and if i'm happy, my house is happy.


Much More Than Mommy said...

I'm so glad you explained why you were having strangers in your house! :-D Also, I've been here almost a year and our office is still our storage room. :-P

Link said...
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