Monday, October 5, 2009

7 Facts

Chocolate Lover gave me an award!

I was tagged to post 7 facts about myself... so here goes nothing!

1. I love DIY and crafty things, but feel like I have no artistic ability. I always WANTED to be good at art, but always got frustrated at my lack of perfection.

2. I'm a comfortable shoe snob. I go to DSW and read labels before I look at the shoes - Skechers are the best things ever!

3. If I lived close enough, I'd work at Disney World. Secretly, I'd love to be Cinderella every day.

4. Music is a passion and a love, and I can't imagine life without it. If I had an office job, I'd go crazy in the quiet every day!

5. I have the most allergic skin of anyone I know. And I currently have a 71 item patch test on my back to find out MORE things that I might be allergic to.

6. I'm a packrat who secretly longs for cleanliness. I have lots of STUFF that came home from my BSU apartment and no where to put it. I'm hoping to purge a LOT when I pack to move in with David.

7. I LOVE my huge extended family. I can't imagine a lifetime of small, intimate Thanksgivings. I enjoy the big reminder of the gifts God has given us in healthy babies almost every year!

And now... the rules....
  • Post 7 facts about yourself
  • Pass this award on to 7 amazing bloggers
So, here goes nothing.... I tag....
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