Friday, October 9, 2009

Piano and Organ Player

Sometimes, it amazes me how quickly an answer presents itself. Two days ago, I was lamenting that I was going to miss my goal of having musicians lined up by our 8 month mark. Thanks to my mom overhearing a conversation and following up on it, I am going to meet my self-imposed deadline!
The music teacher at my mom's school, who I talked quite a bit while I was subbing, plays keyboards for weddings! She is most comfortable on piano, but when Mom mentioned that I have one song that I want on the organ, she said one song is no problem. I'm so excited! Her cost is extremely reasonable, and I am very comfortable with the idea of her playing. She is very nice AND professional. I told mom to tell her on Monday so she can book it. I'm excited!


w said...

yay! organ music rocks. unless it's like the scary kind in horror movies.

thanks for posting on my blog! i tried to find your blog a while ago and i couldn't! but now. now i'm following you. but not like the following in the horror movies.


also. i can't wait to go to the wedding. wha?

Halsey said...

Aw Congrats!! I love the piano and organ, they're so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Very good! It is amazing how complaining can help sometimes. ;-)