Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Benefit of Moving Our Ceremony

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Something that I never thought about when moving our location was our Wedding Banns. I know that for three straight weeks, an engaged couple's names must be printed in the church bulletin or read during the services (at least, at both parishes we looked at). While perusing St. Louis's bulletin the past few weekends, I saw the printed banns for multiple weddings coming up. So not only will I get to see them, my students will all see them too!
It's wonderful to see my students getting so excited for such a big change in my life. Of course, the most asked question this school year has been "Can I come to your wedding?" It's hard to explain that I can't invite all 450 of my students in addition to my guests. I wish I could invite them all, but there wouldn't be room in the church - or enough food at the reception!

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Halsey said...

Aww fun! Good luck : )