Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy House Challenge Update

Make the bed: 7/7
Empty the sink: 6/7
Clear the clutter: 4/7
Sweep the floor: 2/7
Sort the mail: 7/7
Spray the shower: 0/7

I was in class last week, and with Josh having a 4 day weekend, I just wasn't home.  This week's addition is to write it down (make a list of things to do).  This is pretty easy for me - I do it anyway!

The weekend really was great - no pictures to share though, because I was so busy enjoying it!  Lots of time outside until yesterday - spent close to 6 hours in the pool on Sunday!  Now it's time to catch up stuff around my house - I've found that my garden is being taken over by weeds.  Need to wait for evening or tomorrow morning, as it's just too hot and humid to be outside working right now.

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