Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Sis Weekend

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Last weekend was quite the busy one.  Josh's softball team had their tournament, so we were at games Friday night and most of the day Saturday.  It meant I got some much needed sunshine on Saturday, and it was nice to just sit and watch for a while.
I wasn't even home from the games long enough to get a shower and my big sis showed up!  Kira is my big sis from the co-ed music fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon.  We haven't actually gotten to hang out since I left BSU 5 years ago!  I was lucky enough she came to spend TWO nights with me!
Saturday night we went to Freudenfest in Oldenburg with Josh and our friend Matt (Amy had to work).  That would be where the picture is from.  Shortly after it was taken, the skies opened up and it POURED.  We were very thankful for the strategic positioning sitting down in the middle of the tent.  It eventually cleared up and we were able to  wander about the festival.
Sunday was me and Kira time, we went to IKEA.  She had never been, I think I created something of a monster!  We then went to the chicken dinner at St. John's church in Dover.  DELICIOUS but way too much food!  Stopped by the beer garden to say hey to Josh and his family, then headed back to my house before the storm.  Napped/watched movies before going to his house for TrueBlood.  (Kira is used to hosting weekly parties).
She left Monday morning, I motivated my rear to stain my swing!
 I still need to put the protective varnish on it, but getting the whole thing stained was an adventure in itself!

It's been a busy week for what was supposed to be quiet - my airbag light came on Tuesday while I was running errands, so I have to take the car in tomorrow morning to have them look at that.  Thankfully it is still covered under warranty!  Tuesday also saw swimming at Josh's house, with a spontaneous invite from his mom to stay for dinner, which was delicious!  Yesterday saw bumming around the house, but I finally got my tax credit paperwork finished!  Josh and I did some minor shopping and dined at Quaker Steak and Lube last night - good, but I don't see what the big deal was about.

Another busy weekend coming up - hope you all stay cool!

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