Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy House Cleaning Update

1. Make the Bed-7/7
2. Empty the Sink-6/7
3. Clear the Clutter-6/7
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor-1/7
5. Sort the Mail-7/7
6. Spray the Shower-0/7
7. Write It Down-7/7

Adding write it down was easy for me - I am a list maker.  I still don't have a shower spray, so that's hard to do!  And I'm still awful at sweeping the kitchen floor.  It's even harder when I wasn't home for most of 4 of the days!   Not doing much better this week, but at least the new addition is another one I'm pretty good at...

1 comment:

ModernMom said...

Me and making the doesn't happen nearly as often as it should! LOL I do rock those lists though.