Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amazing Weekend

Christmas time is here, which means my life gets incredibly busy.  However, it was an awesome weekend.  I took Friday off to recover before the insanity of the month engulfed me - it was the only sick day option for me.  Just being able to sleep made a huge difference.
I also had a date Friday night - I knew that sleeping was the only way I would get to go.  Had a good dinner and a nice time.  It wasn't a totally blind date, but the closest thing to one that I've ever been on.  It was very comfortable, which I am thankful for.

Saturday saw me trying to do a craft show.  I didn't even sell enough to cover the cost of my table, but it also was snowing.  I'm disappointed, but over it.  I also played a community band performance that I hadn't been sure I would be able to..... with an impromptu solo when the rest of the band just dropped out.  Was really glad I had showed up then.

Spent last night with Ben and Staci - it was FANTASTIC!  I had the best time.  It was exactly what I needed before December keeps going.  It was like an adult slumber party - Staci was spiral curling my hair at 2 AM, lol.  Now I'm tired, but at least I know I'm going to sleep well.  Even more important when my little people program is tomorrow.

I'm including Christmas pictures as I go - I was going to do a whole post about it, but I haven't made it to it yet, so I might not!

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Rae said...

Three cheers for amazing weekends and non-awkward almost-blind dates! And I like the Christmas pictures. :-)