Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

the lack of a fire is not delightful!  My next house definitely needs a fireplace, I miss starting a fire when it's cold outside!
I am VERY excited about this giant box in the middle of my kitchen!  I ordered a dishwasher the day after Thanksgiving, and have been waiting ever since.  I called Lowe's one night this week, and scheduled delivery for yesterday.  They called - they couldn't find it!  Instead, I got an upgraded model and ended up with some extra money back, because it was on sale.  It was delivered early this morning, now I'm waiting for my dad to install.  Waiting patiently, happy to see it in my kitchen though!

I wanted to go out and take pictures of what my house looks like right now, but I don't want to get cold.  There are inches of snow out there!  I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow, since I'm going to have to shovel my driveway to get out/in.  I'm still praying that someone will come plow me out :)

It was a busy weekend - my choir performed at a live nativity on Friday night, I worked at the slopes yesterday and went to my aunt's Christmas party, and we shopped for Warm the Children today.  Whew!  Need a day off just to recover!  Hope you all are staying warm.

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