Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whoa, it's Wednesday

Missed Post It Note Tuesday yesterday, the day just got away from me.

I got my day off Monday to recover... but it did require shoveling of the driveway to get to work at the Slopes.  That turns out to be more work than I expected - not only is my driveway longer than I realized (means my front yard is bigger too!) but shoveling gravel is hard work!  I did make sure to shovel out a turnaround too, I back into my garage so I can pull straight out in the mornings when I'm not thinking!

Yesterday was..... crazy.  90 minute delay in the morning (which I LOVE) but I left my school computer at home.  Means I was borrowing ALL day, as I also didn't have the programs for my band and choir concert!  Everything turned out fine in the end, but after moving a piano (twice!) I was pretty pooped.  Had community band rehearsal last night still, so I just turned my brain off for a while when school got out.

Dad got my dishwasher installed Monday night while I was at work!  Now I just need to dirty up enough dishes to try it.  Hard to do when I'm never home!

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ModernMom said...

Shoveling is always harder work then you think! We have had so much snow here..more in the past two weeks then all of last winter!
Oh and Yeah for the dishwasher:)